Duck Hunting

Duck hunting tips

Duck hunting in the US is perhaps the most popular, common and affordable. In one of the American hunting publications it is referred to 2 million duck hunters, but to establish the exact number is, apparently, impossible. Various companies in the USA and Europe provide with mass production. They offer decoys, camouflage clothing coloring, boats, model guns, designed exclusively for shooting ducks and geese, high-quality stuffed animals, portable collapsible shelters, and more.

The most important step for hunter is to purchase hunting license. The license must be available to all at a price that is strictly required for all hunters. It can be issued and paid without leaving home via the Internet or buy at any store that sells hunting and fishing goods. To hunt migratory birds (goose, duck, dove, marsh-meadow and woodcock) one has to acquire two stamps: the regular ($10) and Federal ($15).

The main points, which are important in achieving a successful hunt:

-equipment (appearance of the hunter, the outfit, the character and quality of arms and ammunition);

-location (where to hunt, in what conditions);

-camouflage (tree branches, bushes, tall grass);

-decoy (decoys for ducks, stuffed birds).

If the hunter is well-prepared, takes into account all the difficulties, correctly fills and has a good experience, then the return of trophies is provided. For beginners, it is better to go with guide.

When speaking about the location, there are public lands that belong to the state and private properties. The hunter must negotiate with the owner or to enter into a lease with the purpose of hunting. Daily rate of duck hunting is 6 pieces. There is a situation when the inspector may check the boat and if there are more than six, the result is losing. The hunter will have no ducks, no boats, no guns and a very decent penalty. So it is important to follow the rules.

Speaking about hunting waterfowl it is worth to mention about some main attributes: the stuffed animals, weapon, boats and dogs. Canoes are most frequently used on small ponds. They are made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum. On big water hunters use any boat with a motor, but for duck hunting there are specially designed (certainly unsinkable) boats. The use of duck hunting dogs in the United States is widespread. There are American and Irish water Spaniels, various breeds of Retrievers. Stuffed animal should be easy to have a natural relaxed posture (better — fed birds). Weapon for sport hunting is a shotgun with no more than three rounds. Duck hunter has to apply masking. These requirements refer to the blind, clothing and weapons of the hunter. The wear should have an appropriate camouflage coloring, in the tone of the environment. Hunting period determined by the state and divided according to types of weapons. Hunting is prohibited after sunset and more than half an hour before sunrise. Daily legal shooting time is published and monitored.

There are a number of voluntary public organizations that are engaged in the problem of reproduction of hunting fauna. The most famous is the Ducks Unlimited. The organization was working to promote hunting among the kids, collects and earns money to purchase wetland, suitable for nesting ducks and so on.

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